What to Know About Using a Moving Company

If you are looking at hiring a moving company it can be quite overwhelming to deal with at first. Not only are there so many companies to choose from but the moving process can be quite complicate and tedious also.

And to add to this everyone had a bad moving company experience they have heard about that someone else went though. And to again add to this it’s said that moving homes is one of the most stressful things a person can go through and for good reason. Even if you are staying in the same city you are literally uprooting your entire life and moving somewhere else all in the span of one day when moving day comes. No wonder it’s stressful!

If you want to take the weight off your shouldn’t somewhat then follow the simple guide we have prepared below and you should be able to find a reputable moving company that will make your move quite stress free.

Do Your Research

Don’t just call up any random moving company. Do some research online and find out what the particular moving company you are dealing with specialises in. For example if the moving company is a long distance mover and sometimes done inter city moves you might be paying more and their trucks might be bigger and heavier as they generally lug more stuff across the country.

Read the companies website, read the testimonials, read the companies FAQ and even google the businesses name for complains.

Are They Insured?

Hiring a moving company that is insured is one the most important factors. You want the peace of mind that if the unfortunate does take place that you are 100% covered and the value of your belongings will be reimbursed. If a removal company is actually insured you should easily find their insurance policy information on their website and if not they should be able to provide your with the information right away if you ask. If the company hesitates then move on, no pun intended!

Are Their Rates Fair?

Is the moving company providing you with a fair rate? The only way to actually figure this out is to get a few different question for the same service and compare them. But do remember that cheapest is not always best and there are countless types of moving services available from just hiring a moving van with a drive more commonly know as ‘man and a van’ all the way to full moving service with packing and unpack at your new home.

So when you compare quotes make sure you compare the same service. To add to this make sure the quotes are final quotes and if extras can be tacked on make sure you are away of what can be added on and the price.

Level Of Professionalism

A good sign that you are dealing with a reputable company is how they represent themselves. If you call a moving company and someone answers just saying ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ it’s best to stop right there. But if you call a moving company and they act like a real company then you might have a winner. another good sign is to check the removal companies website to see how they are branded. Is the company just a random two or three person team in everyday clothes? Or are they wearing company uniforms and really portray themselves and a respectable company.

Hopefully these moving tips help you find the right moving company for what you need. This blog posts on Moving.com is another great resource on how to know you’re picking the right moving company.

You can also watch this short video so you avoid making mistakes when hiring a moving company.