Moving Day Hacks

After a while every home tends to accumulate a variety of items that don’t really get used. They pretty much sit around collecting dust. And for the most part you don’t need to worry about this at all. But when moving day comes you need to worry once again!

Today we are going to explore how to deal with all your clutter to make your move one that is very simple and easy.

Moving Day Hack #1 – Packing Supplies

Before we even get into these moving day hacks the first and foremost hack you need to know about is packing supplies. What is the hack? Get lots of them! Overbuy actually as you can always return what you didn’t end up using. What are some good packing supplies to stock up on?

  1. Moving boxes of all shapes and sizes
  2. Heavy duty packing tape
  3. Old newspapers or packing paper
  4. Bubble wrap

If you have plenty of the above on hand you packing will be very simple. If you are on a budget ask your friends for their spare boxes, go down the the local shops and ask for their spares even. Old newspapers can be collected over time if you know you are moving a few months ahead. If you are on good terms with your local newsagent you can even get all the newspapers they were going to throw out for free.

Moving Day Hack #2 – General Packing Tips

Here are a few general packing tips that you will find useful for your move.

  1. To prevent things like shampoos, conditions or any other bottles from getting spilled everywhere remove the cap. take some plastic like a small piece of a plastic bag you ripped up. Then screw the cap back on. The plastic will stop the liquid form spilling.
  2. Don’t want a huge mess with your cables. Fold the cables neatly and then put them inside old toilet paper rolls.
  3. If you are not a tech wizz then take a photo of your electronics before you unplug them so you know exactly how to plug them back in once your move is done.

Moving Day Hack #3 – Boxes

Getting your boxes right can make a move easy or very, very stressful. Here are our top tips for moving boxes.

  1. Use a marker and write what is in the box. For example if the box contains clothes that will find their home in the master bedroom of your new house then write “Master Bedroom Clothes” on the outside of the box. This way you will know where each box needs to go when you move instead of ending up with a pyramid of boxes stacked up in the living room of your new place with no clue what is in what box.
  2. Don’t fill large boxes with heavy stuff. Even heavy duty boxes have a weight limit and you don’t want boxes breaking in the middle of your move.

Moving Day Hack #4 – Furniture

For our final tips today lets talk furniture. By far the biggest and heaviest items you have to deal with when moving homes.

  1. Wrap chests of draws with plastic wrap to secure the draws from falling out. Or if the draws have handles tie them all together with some rope and then take the rope all the way around the entire chest of draws three times and tie if off on a draw once again.
  2. Take two old bed sheets and put on one each side of a mattress. This will keep the mattress clean while it’s being moved.
  3. If you have any furniture that has legs like the legs of a bed frame. Wrap the legs with newspaper and then secure that newspaper with duct-tape. This will let you slide the heavy objects across the floor without leave marks or damaging anything.

Hopefully you loved our moving day hacks. If you want some more moving tips you can read this blog post about moving tips.