4 Things to Think About Before Moving

If you are planning to move homes then you have a lot of work ahead of you! Not only does moving involve the actual move itself but there are many choices you will have to make to make sure when you move homes things go smooth.

To add to this if you are moving a family home things get more complicated when you have kids around as your try to manage everything. Today’s moving tips will make sure that you will end up with a stress-free as possible move. If you don’t think about the four items we are bringing up today you might be quite surprised when the do come up!

Make a Moving Budget

Moving is not cheap. Even if you decide you are going to¬† do everything yourself and you own a small van just the fuel cost of the countless trips you’ll make adds up. Instead of being surprised with how much moving will cost you make an actual budget for your move. This way you will know what you can afford and you can then be more realistic in what you can plan for.

For example hiring a man and a van still costs a bit but it’s no where as much as a fully catered moving service that includes packing.

A few other things you might not even think about unless someone tells you are things like storage space, junk removal, the costs of renting your new place while it’s empty while you still rent your old place. So even your increased cost of living needs to be budgeted in.

Organising Your Move

Moving homes take a lot of organisation.

Your going to have to go through all of your things and figure out what you will keep, what needs to be thrown out so you might need a junk removal service and what you could sell off. Then come the actual packing. You want to make sure you have some kind of system for packing as you will hate yourself if you just throw everything into different boxes when it comes to unpacking.

When you move you also need to consider what services you have connected in your old home that can be transferred, what can’t be transferred, all the addresses that need to be updated and everyone that needs to be made aware of your move. It’s a big list!

Hiring a Moving Company

The last thing on the list is to make the choice of hiring a moving company or not. There are lots of pros and cons to hiring a moving company and you need to weight them all up. For example you might think that hiring a van and moving yourself is a cheaper idea but you really need to do the maths on the fuel and the extra moving insurance you will have to buy.

Then again you might be the type of person who likes to do things like this and it suits you. If that’s not you them more likely than not it’s best that you hire a moving company to help you with your move especially if you are not able to lift heavy furniture.

You can also watch this short video on 10 mistakes to avoid when hiring a moving company.